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Once your baby has past the newborn stage a baby photography session will capture the next milestone. 

I have a variety of props to help your little one if not able to sitting unaided yet.

I use different backgrounds and lighting, feel free to bring your child’s favorite toy/teddy  to make your session more personal and let feel him/her more comfortable.

You can choose to use my outfits or bring yours

(a simple baby romper is the best solution).

If your child follows a daily routine please let me know and I will sort out the good time to do not interfered in their habits.

Make sure baby has eaten, and do not forget to have snacks or milk bottle with you.

I love photography baby without shoes as I think they feet are so adorable!

If you are happy with this try to avoid tight socks as them leave a deep mark on the ankles.

​From the moment you contact me we discuss all the details that will make your session unique.

My Studio family session includes up to 2 adults and 3 kids. For bigger families I recommend an outdoor location (price will be discussed).

Clothing should be comfortable and make everyone feel confident, try to wear pastels or varying shades of the same color. Just try to avoid distracting patterns and logos.

You are more than welcome to bring a change of clothes if you want more than one look.

Props and accessories are good for children (e.g. ballet shoes, ball, musical instrument and so on).

Make sure everyone has eaten (take a snack and water for your little one). 


If you have any question please feel free to contact me

I am looking to seeing you soon.

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