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Along with being a woman, I am the lucky mum of three wonderful children.

I completely understand the uncertainties and fears that you might experience before having a maternity session... you might not feel as fit as you were few months ago, but bear in mind that you are carrying the most important thing in the world.

Why not focusing on the moment when you will going to hold your child in your hands and leave me the important task to frame such of sweet instant?


You Maternity Session is my way to pamper you. No rush, no stress, just chosen poses to guarantee your total comfort and relax.


In order to grant your uttermost privacy, please note that only you, who is accompanying you and myself will be present in the flat (my Studio) at all time during your session.

We can do the session at outdoor location.


WHEN IT'S THE BEST TO BOOK? Maternity session are best scheduled between

35-37 weeks to ensure not being too close to your due date. Please be in time to contact me and make sure your reservation.


WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? This is entirely up to you: whether naked, wearing airy lingerie o a feminine bodycon dress, be assured that the room's temperature will be warm and comfortable, therefore there is no need for warm clothes. Your partner and children could wear garments of a tone that matches what you are waiting, and I suggest to avoid too many colors in order to maintain the flow of the pictures.


HOW TO PRESENT MY BELLY AT BEST? Hydrate your skin with an oil-free moisturiser, so that reflecting light cannot alter the photos.


WHAT ABOUT MY HAIR AND MAKEUP? If you hair is long, bring accessories to vary your look in the photos. I strongly advise for a light every day make up, and to avoid dark toned lipsticks, as these result to be black in monochrome photos.


WHAT ACCESSORIES SHALL I BRING WITH ME? The most popular maternity image ''hand on the belly''provides the best angle to frame any rings and bracelets that bear a personal value. Furthermore, if you have already newborn props (such of shoes, socks,teddy) bring them over. Such a nice touch to have your baby wearing them in his Newborn Session.


If you have any question please feel free to contact me.


I am looking to seeing you soon.

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