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                              BE PREPARED FOR YOUR NEWBORN SESSION


About 30 minutes before the session please loosen up your baby's diaper. This allows the little imprint mark to disappear and won't be visible when your baby will be naked in some of the shots. MOST important: do not dress your baby in a ton of clothes. Will be less disturb to undress him/her. A pajamas or a loose dress and a blanket on top will be perfect.

Bring your bottle milk and your milk and a pacifier that I can use during the session. Do not forget wipes and diapers as are not provided.


If you plan to have children a part of the session, I recommend bringing them in the end of it. Newborn session is a really quite moment and older children can get bored. Only those being photographed should be at the session. Pets are not allowed I am afraid.



Leave the baby in the car seat or pram until you are in my Studio.

The area will be VERY warm so please dress comfortable and take your additional clothes to change into for the family pictures.


Please feed and burp baby right before our session to ensure an happy, sleepy baby. Even if it is not on feeding schedule we need a very full baby.

I highly recommend if you breastfeeding to pump and bottle feed your milk for the session. If the baby does not take any bottle or pacifier we will take a break for the breastfeed. Please do not feel in hurry, newborn session takes 1-3 hours and I ask that everyone remain calm, even if baby crying or do not want to sleep. Remind that baby will pick up on any frustration in the room.

I will be in charge with your little one, you must to stay relaxed on the sofa, let me feed him or get the pacifier, and I will ask you to stay closer only if we see that baby needs mum/dad.

Collage copia.jpg


Do not feel embarrassed or worry when this happens, because they all do it.

I wash all of my baby props and blanket between each session with baby detergent and antibacterial (for this reason I only schedule one newborn session per day).



I have various blanket, baby wraps and different outfit, so do not worry to buy nothing. You are, of course, welcome to use any of your own props, such of teddy bears or blanket and so on. If you are looking for a family portrait, or a sibling portrait I truly recommend to dress you all up in uniform colors.



Your baby is in safe hands. During the session I will be handling and posing your little one following all the right techniques.

Baby will not put in an unsafe positions, and all the stuff I use for the session are safe, cozy and soft.

The baby's safety comes first!


If you have any question please feel free to contact me

I am looking to seeing you soon.

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